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Martial Art's are Unlimited
Martial Art's are Unlimited
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About ShindenKai Organization

SHINDEN KAI, where the essence of bushido is embodied in Karate. The term SHINDEN KAI, derived from Japanese, signifies the recognition of those who came before us. Respecting their contributions is of utmost importance. Our mission is to follow in their footsteps while striving for continuous improvement.

The dominant red color in our logo represents our relentless pursuit of surpassing the limits of this metaphorical mountain. We embrace all available resources and the latest knowledge to ascend to greater heights. Karate has evolved significantly over time, and we acknowledge the transformation it has undergone.

The fist enclosed within the ring signifies the need for a cohesive and diverse community. It symbolizes the unity and shared purpose found both in Karate and in our lives. We firmly believe that if we cultivate the mindset of “I can,” we can accomplish anything, even when others may doubt us. We are committed to taking on challenges and defying expectations.

SHINDEN KAI represents not only a sport but a philosophy of life. It encompasses the values and principles that guide us in all aspects of our journey, extending beyond the boundaries of the dojo.

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Its our pleasure to hearing from you in  ShindenKai Organization so fell free to give us a call at +49 176 43174402 or leave us a message using form below.

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